Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthday Fun!

Sunday January 30, 2011

FINALLY!! After almost 4 years of dealing with one child having friends, birthday parties to attend, play dates, etc. Turner is jumping on board.

He is in his first year of preschool at Sunshine Corner and loves it. I was worried in the beginning because he cried and didn't want to go, but the first day came and he went happy as a clam! He has made some friends too. They are funny at this age, they don't really talk about the kids in their class, maybe a few. And if you ask Turner if he has friends, he will probably say no. And he doesn't remember names, I just better understand who he's talking about when he talks about the girl with hair like him (blonde!). He's unique! That's why I love him. ;)

Anyway, he finally got invited to a birthday party for his little buddy Johnny. He was so excited! He got to help pick out his first gift, go swimming, eat cake, watch gift opening and enjoyed every last minute of it. He was so proud to be at his first birthday party.

The next day at school, he walked in and immediately saw Johnny. After getting ready, he walks over, gets right in Johnny's face and proceeds to say, "Hi, Johnny!" until Johnny says hi back. It was cute!

I came back to get him and guess what............he had another birthday invite in his backpack! Woo Hoo! He's making buddies! Party On!

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