Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Day...not so gluten free.

Friday, February 11, 2011

So due to all my lovely issues, I decided I was going to cut gluten out of my diet and see how I felt. I know, I know, I should just go get tested, but I personally don't want to for this reason: By cutting out all things with gluten I cut out most of the junk I typically eat. If I go to the Doctor and they tell me gluten isn't my problem I then won't care if I eat it and be back to square one, tummy issues, skin issues and eating nutty bars for lunch ;)

So I've been learning over the past 2 weeks how to eat. I've done a lot of rice pastas which are delicious. I still can eat my favorite tortilla chips so that's exciting. I've topped them with cheese, pepperonis and pepperoncinis and broiled them, very nummy. Italian nachos, my favorite. I even went as far as buying gluten free beer, Red Bridge, I liked it. I made gluten free pizza and ordered gluten free pizza from Godfathers, it wasn't bad. I eat more veggies, fruits and protein now as well. But.....like any diet, I got to my breaking point.

I went to have lunch with Tatumn at school and packed myself a salad with gluten free ranch, a gluten free brownie and string cheese. I got there and my brownie was missing, it honestly was the first thing I looked for! I was so mad. Tatumn had a package of oreos and well, I couldn't resist, I ate 2 of them. I didn't feel sooo bad but slowly my conscious started eating away at me. I tried to eat my salad and I'm so used to Hidden Valley Ranch dressing that Annie's gluten free ranch was just not cutting it. I then decided I was going to have some of Tatumn's crackers, why not, I already ate the oreos. I left school feeling sad. I was doing so good. Oh well! I'll be good from now on I told myself.

YEAH RIGHT! We went down to the ice shack, my idea, and got non other than SUBWAY, my idea! I'm so naughty, I know, diets of any kind and I don't mix. However, I choose to think of gluten free as a life style change not a diet. Anyhow, because I did that I decided I could eat pizza the next day at MOA and macaroni and cheese for supper. haha, total overkill, I know. What the heck. Let's just say the rest of my weekend went the same way. I'm still being horrible. I keep telling myself, tomorrow. Tomorrow I will start eating good again......story of my life ;)

So if you have any good, healthy, gluten free recipes you would like to share, please do, this overeating, wheat-inhaling, momma would love them!


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