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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thirty At Last

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well today Ben turned the big 3-0!! And it didn't seem to phase him. I was trying to get him to want a big surprise party like everyone has. That would give me a reason to plan a party, number one, but also decorate, make good food, and wow him. But nope, he wasn't having any of it, it's just not really him. He's not a "look at me" kind a guy, more quiet, keeps to himself. Surprise parties really are not his cup of tea. I did however inform him that I accept that he didn't want one, but don't get any ideas of jipping me! haha! Any reason to have a big bash is great to me!

So anyhow, we discussed what he wanted to do and he said he just wanted to go out to dinner with just me. Preferably Wiederholts, prime rib. I asked him if he wanted to invite another couple and he said, nope, just you and me and some good conversation. Good lord, we are total opposites. haha, but whatever he wishes, it is however his day.

I had gone shopping at MOA and got him his bday presents early so of course I couldn't wait to give them to him and he got them early. He liked them which was good. I got him some Nike shocks, something about a guy with nice white tennis shoes and dark denim jeans makes me do a double take ;) And then of course some clothes, and I didn't need to make any returns, that's a first.

He got shipped off to work out of town for a week and while away he indulged, nightly, in a prime rib feast. So he comes home and we are hashing out plans for his bday. He says he no longer wants to go to Wiederholts because he is "burnt out on prime rib". I think he needs to remember that, it's probably going to be the only time he will get to say that.

His birthday also fell on the kid's last day of swim lessons so that threw a wrench in our plans. I told him I would get someone to bring them so we could still go out and he said no, he wanted to watch them swim. He's a good dad, that's for sure. Then Tatumn tells him she would like Taco Johns, ish, I'm not a fan of tacos, but if you know me at all, even if I don't like it, I'll eat it. Ben agrees, he says, 6 pack and a pound it is!

Seriously, it's his 30th birthday and we are going to Taco Johns for a 6 pack and a pound? Oh my god. Whatever, I guess, it's not my day. And I would not settle for that, haha, he better not get any ideas. ;)

Then I felt bad that I didn't even make him a cake or anything so after swim we swung into Econo Foods and grabbed a pie and cheesecake. haha, the night just got better and better. At least he got to see the excitement in Tatumn when she found out she was going to be a Bluegill. She passed! Woo Hoo! Turner didn't, which we knew, and I had prepped him for it by telling him you need to stay a polliwog at least 3 or 4 sessions (because honestly it will be that before he passes). He didn't care!

So yup, that's how we celebrate the big 3-0 in this house. Happy Birthday Ben! Hope you enjoyed your family night with a sprinkle of heartburn! ;)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How well do we know eachother?

Monday,February 21, 2011

Tonight we each did a little survey on each other, some answers were dead on, others not so much, while other answers were just hysterical!

Here is what we found out about each other:

Survey on Me:

My birth date: July 9, 1983. Tatumn: July 23, 1922 (ouch). Turner: didn't know (to be expected). Ben: got it right! finally, after 8 years!

How old am I: 27. Tatumn: 27, good job! Turner: 13, haha! Ben: 27.

1 Thing you like about me: Tatumn: my kisses. aww! Turner: my kisses ;) Ben: I'm kind. (funny how he didn't mention my kisses!)

How much do I weigh: We'll leave this up to your imagination. Tatumn: 40lbs (yikes!) Turner: 34lbs (double yikes) Ben: he chose not to go there ;) smart man!

What's your favorite thing to do with me? Tatumn: shop! that's my girl! Turner: watch cartoons (he doesn't realize that mom doesn't do this along with him. Ben: Relax at home with the family.

What is my favorite thing to do? Tatumn: scrapbook! Right on! Turner: homework (funny) Ben: scrapbook, I'm surprised he didn't say "going to Target"

What's my favorite color? all three guessed black, they were right.

What do you wish I could be? Tatumn: a nurse. Turner: a singer. Ben: a millionaire ;)

What do I do the best? Tatumn: scrapbook! Turner: shop (haha) Ben: be nice to people (I'm sure there are people who would disagree, and to them, I would assume they wouldn't be reading my blog)

Favorite food I cook: Tatumn: shake n bake chicken. Turner: mac n cheese Ben: meatloaf

My full name: Courtney Jean Harris. Tatumn: she got it right. Turner: Courtney Riley ;) Ben: Courtney Jeanie Little Weinie, close enough.

My favorite food: fried foods & pasta. Tatumn: shrimp. Turner: broccoli. Ben: didn't know.

My favorite thing to drink: Mt. Dew. Tatumn: water (I wish). Turner: milk. Ben: Mt. Dew, he has to make lots of runs to get me some ;)

My favorite t.v. show: true crime shows. Tatumn: Ellen (I do love her) Turner: Oprah, funny how he thought of her. Ben: The First 48. Good job hun!

My favorite store: All three guessed it....TARGET! Woo Hoo! Just thinking about it makes me excited!

Who I spend the most time with: Tatumn: Kristi, Lisa, Jamie & Tara. Turner: Jamie, Tara & Lisa. Ben: Tiffany, Kristi & Lisa. Lisa: you must be it, you were on all 3 lists ;) Hope you don't get sick of me!

My favorite candy: laffy taffy & caramello. Tatumn: snickers. The boys didn't know.

My favorite place to vacation: Mexico!!! Tatumn: scrapbook retreats (you know she might have something here, it's a toss up!) Turner: Mexico. Ben: Mexico.

The chore I hate the most: Tatumn: dishes. Turner: cleaning (pretty much, buddy) Ben: dishes.

Ben's Turn

His birthday? Feb. 22, 1981. Turner: July 28th...ahaha! Tatumn: Feb. 22, 1905 (well, happy 106th bday ben) Of course I got it right!

How old is he? 29, soon to be 30. Turner: 24. Tatumn and I got it right.

What do we like the most about him? Turner: that he shovels the driveway ;) Tatumn: that he ice fishes. Me: his humor, although sometimes it's not very nice ;)

How much does he weigh? Turner: 34lbs. Tatumn: 30lbs I was only 7lbs off.

What do we like to do the most with him? Tatumn: sit around and watch t.v. Turner: go to his friend's house. Me: travel.

What's his favorite thing to do? Turner: shovel. Tatumn: ice fish. Me: hunts ;)

His favorite color: we all got it right, blue.

What do we wish he could be? Turner: didn't know. Tatumn: a lineman. Me: filthy rich ;)

What does he do the best? Turner: shovels...he really likes shoveling apparently. Tatumn: linework. cute! Me: hunts, it's true.

Our favorite thing he cooks: Turner: chicken. Tatumn: brats. Me: anything he grills.

His full name: Benjamin Christ Harris. Turner: Ben Harris. Tatumn: Ben Harris. Me: I sure hope I got it right, but I do have many other names for him too ;)

His favorite food: prime rib. Turner: chicken. Tatumn: chicken, jelly & brats (sure hope that is separate) Me: prime rib.

His favorite drink: coffee. Turner: milk. Tatumn: Mt. Dew Me: coffee.

His favorite t.v. show: The News. (boring) Turner: News. Tatumn: News/weather (haha) Me: anything on the history channel.

His favorite store: Runnings. Turner: didn't know. Tatumn: Runnings/Menards. Me: Cabelas.

Who he spends the most time with: Turner: Paul. Tatumn: Paul, Kevin & Fischer. Me: Aaron, Brian & Kevin.

His favorite candy: we all got it right: snickers.

His favorite place to vacation: Mexico. Turner & I got it right. Tatumn said hunting trips!

Chore he hates the most: DISHES, he's never, ever, done them in the last 8 years, I mean never!! Both kids said cleaning and dishes, I would say they are right ;)

Now the kids answered their own questions.
Turner's Survey

His birthdate: tomorrow, July 28th.....
How old is he: 3
How much does he weigh? 44lbs., close 35lbs.
What's your favorite thing to do: play tractors
Favorite color: green, blue...just like Dad's.
What do you want to be when you grow up? Farmer Johnson, bhahaahhaa!
What do you do the best? clean, haha, I beg to differ!
Your full name: Turner Leighton Harris
Your favorite food: mac n cheese
Your favorite drink: milk and juice
Your favorite t.v. show: Mickey Mouse Club House
Favorite store: Econo Foods, good lord, we do spend a lot of time there.
Who do you spend the most time with? Johnny, Hunter & Marcus.
Your favorite candy: Laffy Taffy
Your favorite song: Big Green Tractor
Your favorite place to vacation: Mexico, he's never been anywhere, so this is where he would like to go.
The chore he hates the most: cleaning, but he also said this is what he is the best at. hmmm.....

Tatumn's survey (Turner answered her questions as well)

Her birthday: July 28th, Turner was right.

How old are you: 6, Turner: 10

Favorite thing to do: play, Turner said, play outside and going to Kristi's.

Favorite thing to do with Mom: watch t.v., Turner said clean (I know this is not true)

Favorite color: pink & purple. Turner: pink.

What do you want to be when you grow up? cowgirl or farmer. Turner was right on! Apparently they have big plans to live on a farm together.

Full Name: Tatumn Riley Harris, Turner knew this, pretty sure it's yelled quite frequently at our house ;)

Favorite food: popcorn chicken. Turner: mac n cheese, he says this about everyone.

Favorite drink: pop (of course) Turner: juice.

Favorite t.v. show: Spongebob (gross, I dislike this show) Turner: Hannah Montana.

Favorite store: Target, Turner said the same.

Who do you spend the most time with: The list went on and on and on, everyone she could think of. Turner said: Kennedy, Mara & Meya.

Favorite Candy: laffy taffy. Turner: tootsie rolls.

Favorite song: Who are you when I'm not looking? Turner was right.

Favorite place to vacation: Disney World (she is hoping to go there). Turner: Mexico.

Chore she dislikes the most: cleaning. Turner: cleaning. (I say brushing her teeth)

The gift of cookies!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

For doing well at Arts Alive, Desi (my niece) gave Tatumn a little present. She put all the dry ingredients to make cookies in a cute little bag, tied it up and stuck in the recipe, printed up on a piece of paper with Michael Jackson on it! haha, well, they danced to Michael Jackson, that's why! It was cute and very thoughtful. She also had stuck a candle in there too. To a 6 year old, candles and cookies makes complete sense ;)

So we invited Desi over to help bake the cookies with Tatumn. They made delicious Butterscotch Cookies that my family has been enjoying since!

Girl's Night!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ahh, finally Arts Alive was finished and I had the evening to spend with friends. I first went to my friend Karisa's bridal shower. I missed it all due to Arts Alive, but was able to meet up with her and a few others for a cocktail. It was great seeing her and chatting. We grew up together as best friends and she'll forever feel like a sister to me. Love you Karisa!

Karisa, Me, Kristi & Erin @ Karisa's shower.

After leaving there I headed out to Jamie's for our GIRL'S NIGHT! Now this started a month or so ago when I asked Jamie to hang out. I'm kinda over the whole bar scene, it gets old after awhile, so we decided to stay in at her house. She invited Nellie, Christina and Jess and I invited Kristi. We chatted, ate & had a blast, some of us staying up until 5 a.m.! We are still young yet, ask me to do that in 5 years and I may have to decline! It took me like a week to recover from that night, but we had so much fun we had to do it again.

This time however, one person invited another and slowly we had a group of about 10 girls that wanted to get out of the house for a little girl time. It was extra exciting though because 3 of them were pregnant and Kev & Carrie had gotten engaged THAT MORNING! We had stuff to talk about!!!

Honestly our girl's nights are hilarious. I do feel bad for Jodi since she is pregnant with her first child and had to listen to birth stories that were not all that pleasant, but she will have a great birth I'm sure! Poor Carrie was stuck out with us when I'm sure she only wanted to be with her new FIANCE, she did eventually get to go see him, how cute!

We talked about everything under the sun, including Brady, Jamie's husband, whom is quite the comedian. He entertains us with stories, theories & his high school graduation picture! hehe, sorry Brady!

We had enough food to feed an army and beer and wine to last quite awhile. We capped off the evening around 4 a.m. Snuggled up on the couch and floor by the fireplace and said goodnight.

Next girls night is going to be game night! I'm so excited, I can't hardly wait!

The girls checking out baby Caverly (Jodi's ultrasound picture).

Carrie, Jess, Kate & Jamie

Carrie and Jess, oh and Carrie's new bling ;)

The one and only Brady Kells, and he's all Jamie's! ;)

Kristi, enjoying some cocktails after a long weekend of Arts Alive.

Tara enjoying a night off of Mommy Duty!

I don't know why, but you are crooked, Nellie, I mean I uploaded this pic over and over, switching it every time, and you are still sideways! haha, think it means something! ;)

Tara & I, 4 a.m.!

All snuggled up!

Arts Alive 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Well, tonight is the big night! The girls have their first performance at the Sheldon Theatre. My family, along with me, are watching the show tonight, tomorrow I'll be volunteering in the basement.

Tatumn was very excited and not nervous at all, which floors me, because I would be a ball of nerves. She doesn't get her lack of stage fright from me, that's for sure.

I brought her down to the Sheldon, got her all situated and headed on up to enjoy the show.

I can't believe all the cute little acts the kids come up with. The girls got on stage, finally (they were one of the last acts) and danced their little hearts out. They did great! I couldn't have been prouder.

We didn't get out of there until 10 p.m. so it did get a little late. But by the time we got home, both kids were ready for bed.

One more show tomorrow and then another great year of Arts Alive is under our belt! She did however inform me that she would like to sing next year, preferably, "Who are you when I'm not looking", errr.....I had to say no. haha, sorry but singing, not our talent in this family. Stick to dancing, hun!

Mother & Daughter (missing Meg & Audrey)

The girls, already to perform! (missing Audrey)

Meya, Mara & Audrey in costume! (missing Tatumn due to temper tantrum!)

layout inspiration

Thursday, February 17, 2011

If I'm trying to fit alot of pictures on one page, I like to cut them into little squares. I'm trying really hard to not take as many pictures and only scrap the really meaningful ones. Trying, is the key word. I have a weird attachment to my photos. ;)

This is great! Turner colored on the kitchen wall with a red crayon, so this paper was perfect. It was like a police report, kind of funny.

Using up chipboard! I have always had too much chipboard and half the time I don't have enough of the same letters to spell a word, so I would cover them with paper or color them, like I did here.

Again, squares and scraps! ;)

Pictures taken in sequence are fun to scrap. Here is Tatumn doing a fashion show! So cute!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More headbands......

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If you are interested in buying any you can email me at, $3 a piece.

This is a clip/pin.

This is a bobby pin.

Another bobby pin.

Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Busy day! Ben left today to work out of town so I'm celebrating V-day all by myself, well with the kids too. I helped out at Turner's preschool's Valentine's party and that was fun. He received many heartfelt valentines!

I invited some friends over for a candlelit dinner with me and the kids, you never know, hot dogs and mac n cheese could be very romantic ;) So, Lisa and Kennedy decided to come over. We ended up going out for Chinese.

The kids got to play after supper, Lisa went to volleyball and I made my niece Desi's 13th b-day invites. Crazy, we will soon have a teenager in the family!

Hope each and everyone of you had a sweet Valentine's Day! Muah!


This was my inspiration for Desi's party invites. She wanted zebra print. I made ones similar to this with 2 pictures of her. Then, I rolled them and wrapped a strip of zebra print paper around them, easy for her to hand out to friends.

Minnesota Winters

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It was pretty nice out today so the kids got a chance to get outside and do a little sledding with Dad while I did some homework. Won't be long and our backyard will be a mud pit from all the snow we received this winter slushing down the hill, which is our so called back yard. On Christmas, Ben and the kids went out back and made this really cool fort. It's their own little igloo, they have more fun sliding down it than they do playing in it. I'm glad they can have fun outside in the winter, I on the other hand, can not wait for Spring!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bieber Fever

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yes, we went to see the Justin Bieber movie, Never Say Never. I do have a 6 year old daughter and 5 year old niece who are in love with him, Laci more so than Tatumn. First we started out with Hannah Montana, then the Jonas Brothers and now Justin. I don't mind his music, which makes some of my friend's mock me, eh em, Lisa!! ;)

But it really was a good movie. It was more of a documentary. It made you realize that his life wasn't handed to him, he worked hard, still works hard and isn't your average teenager. I almost even cried during it, almost! Both my sister and I felt bad when his vocal coach told him he couldn't have McDonald's because he was sick, it was sad, how old is he? Give the fricken kid McDonald's!!! haha!

Anyway, we would have enjoyed the movie more had 3 very, very, very rude, annoying teenage boys not sat right in front of us and mocked the entire thing. Parents-if you have children, pay attention to where they are going and how they are acting. My guess is that if Turner is 13 and says he wants to go see some very, very girly movie, he's going to be rude during it and I will not allow it. Or am I just a mean mom? Well anyway, I told those boys to be quiet, sorry, don't annoy me when I'm watching a movie, I know everyone else in the theatre wanted to say it. Ok, that's enough of my ranting, I was super annoyed!

Turner did fall asleep during it and was out so cold that I was carrying him basically by his neck by the time I made it out the door with all our garbage, my purse and him. Poor kid! ;)

Anyway, it was a fun night with the kids. They really liked the movie. Tatumn couldn't wait to get home and listen to eenie meenie and Laci couldn't wait to get home to make out with her poster. haha! Seriously, she kisses him every night! Heidi and I reminisced about our own boy crushes on the way home, the New Kids On The Block days! I don't remember ever having a boy band crush, but I did think Marty Stuart was pretty foxy, oh lord! I'm glad I finally got some taste in men! Yeesh!