Friday, January 14, 2011

Packing a Lunch!

January 13th, 2011

Oh my dear child, Tatumn Riley, is such a handful at times. Let's start off by saying her lunch account at school will forever have money it. Last year she started out great by eating most lunches at school....then it went to just hot dogs, breaded chicken products, and maybe a few strictly home lunches. At first I was a little annoyed because I ate school lunch, and many people tell me I'm the only one, but I enjoyed them. Yes, I know, gross, but I did. I miss the burritos and chicken sandwiches. But anyway, back on the subject here, Miss Tatumn. So she gave up school lunch and I have been packing her a lunch all year long.

Now I was under the assumption that she just didn't like them, no, I was waaayyy off. Turns out she takes home lunch so she can sit by certain people. Good Lord! Are you kidding me? Ha, I was amazed. Does it really matter who you sit by, they get like 10 minutes to inhale their food before they are hustled out of the lunch room. But whatever, she brings home lunch.

I got frustrated with her the other day when she was complaining about everything I don't do for her and everything I do for her but do wrong. So I decided that packing her lunch could be her job. She whined a bit but threw on her apron and pulled up a chair. You would think that spreading peanut butter on her sandwich was the end of the world, if this were true, I would be long gone. So yes, I did help with that. Other than that, she peeled her own orange, made her own trail mix & even made her own Ranch dip for her carrots.

We topped it off with a cute little note that came from a set of lunch notes I bought at Hallmark. (these are supposed to be surprises in the lunch, but Tatumn decided she should pick which one she gets in her lunch, I say negative on that one).

All in all, it ended our night with a fun little thing for her and I to do together. It also showed her that Mom DOES DO STUFF FOR YOU!!!!! Not sure that mattered much this morning when she woke up hating me again, but ahhh well the joys of raising a daughter.

Until tomorrow....hopefully we make it through until then ;)

10 Inspiring Lunch Box Ideas:

1.Cookie Cutters: Use them to make cute little sandwiches!

2.For the Pizza Lover: English muffins, marinara sauce, shredded mozzarella!

3.Cube It: cube chicken, cheese, fruits, etc. and pack toothpicks for them to eat with.

4.Alphabet crackers and cookies: Have them practice their spelling even at lunch!

5.Mix It Up: Bottom-Of-The-Cereal-Box crumbles, raisins, dried fruit, chocolate chips, nuts, etc. throw them all together for a trail mix.

6.Lil' Dippers: lunch meat & honey mustard, graham crackers & strawberry cream cheese, vanilla wafers & yogurt, carrots & ranch, celery & peanut butter, just to name a few.

7.Breakfast for Lunch: Use waffles instead of bread. Toast 2 waffles. Allow them to cool, spread 2 Tbsp. syrup on waffles, add ham, cheese & sliced apples.

8.Leftovers: Use a thermos to send leftover mac-n-cheese, leftovers from the restaurant you ate at the night before, hotdish, soup, etc.

9.Comedy Act: Print off little cards with riddles or jokes on them to slip in their lunch box.

10.A Note To Say I Love You: write it down, even on their napkin. Hearing positive affirmations helps build their self esteem, strengthens your bond with them & helps on a challenging day!


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