Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Layout Organization"

January 16, 2010

I'm a bit obsessed with finding cute layouts to get me inspired to do my own scrapbook pages. I started out with a trillion magazines and realized that wasn't going to work when I wanted to go places, plus there were only so many in each magazine that I liked. So I started ripping out my favorite pages and putting them in sheet protectors in a 3 ring binder. However, one 3 ring binder turned into two 3 ring binders and I can only see myself accumulating more! Not only that, but I'm amazed by the talented scrappers online. My "favorites" gallery on is overflowing with layouts I only wish I had the time to do! What to do??? I printed off a select few to add to my binders, but it used up a ton of ink.

Today I decided to make a mini book after seeing a really cute little layout book a girl had at our last scrapbook get together. I started out by taking 4x6 card stock cards, distressing the edges and punching 3 holes on one side. Then I copied and pasted all my favorite layouts from online into Word and printed them off (4 to a page). Then I simply cut them out and taped one onto each card. My next goal is to type up the supplies I need for each page and tape that on the card as well, but I haven't got that far! Then I tied them all together with some fun ribbon.

I made a cute little cover. What I loved the most about this project is using up a bunch of scraps....the card stock, ribbon and stickers are all things I needed to use up!

Now I have 100's of inspirational ideas right at my fingertips and I no longer have to haul all those binders around! (I can even scan all my magazine layouts onto my computer and print them off to add to my book, but for now I have a great supply of layouts) Here's a look at MY SCRAPBOOK LAYOUT BOOK!


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