Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finally...A Play Date!

January 15, 2010

I have been waiting patiently the last six years for more of my friends to have kids so we can go through motherhood together. In October, one of my closest friends, Tara, had her first baby, Miss Ayva! I was very excited when she found out she was pregnant because Tara and I have done most of everything together since high school....getting into trouble together, classes together, meeting our husbands together, being in each other's weddings and now being mommys together! It's pretty exciting!

Both our husbands are avid hunters and outdoors men so that leaves plenty of time for us to get together. The kids and I went over to her house today and hung out with her and Ayva. The kids watched cartoons, played with toys they brought, chased the cat and dog and oohed and aahhed over Ayva. Tara and I visited, ordered pizza & hung out while smothering Ayva with lots of smooches. (She really enjoys talking to me, Ayva that is) ;) I'm pretty sure she loves my crazy stories I tell her! haha! She didn't however, prefer the thousands of pictures I tried taking of her. Poor kid, but she has to get used to it, she was born into a scrapbooker's world!!! Good luck Ayva!


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