Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bringing it back to the old school days!

January 14th, 2010

As a kid I remember sitting in front of the t.v., playing Nintendo for hours and hours. We would fight over who would get to be Mario, because if they were any good at all and you were stuck being Luigi, you would never get a turn. I recently bought my kids Nintendo Ds's and pretty much stole them back so I could conquer the Mario Brothers game for them. They would ask to play them in bed at night and I would tell them they needed to be charged just so I could sneak out to the living room and play them! I'm odd, yes, I know. I will be the first to admit that video games are addicting!

I recently brought out my Nintendo and I thought the kids were going to go nuts. First off, they've never seen such a huge device in their lives and the games.....why can't they still make the games that big, it would help solve the problem of the itty bitty micro chip game disappearing into the couch cushions and god knows where else. Well, I turned it on and let the kids have a go at it. They couldn't believe what Mario and Luigi looked like, Mario Brothers I, was nothing like modern day games. Shortly after I brought it out, my poor Nintendo bit the dust. I was upset, I'm still holding onto it, in case it gets a second life and comes back to me.

So tonight we had Christmas with Ben's cousin Aaron and his wife Missy and their little girl, our god daughter, Emily. I walked into the house and right away, I heard the catchy little tune coming from the basement. I knew right away someone was playing NINTENDO!!! How exciting is that??

The kids got to play Mario Bros and Duck Hunter. But soon enough the guys came down and took over the duck hunter game. We had fun for awhile until my children started in and we were forced to leave due to bad behavior! I guess I will need to plan my own day to go over and play Nintendo with Missy all by myself! Happy Holidays!


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