Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kid's Ice Fishing Tournament

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today was the annual kid's ice fishing tournament at Pottery Pond. We took the kids down and met up with Dan & Jacob. It was actually pretty decent out. Turner was crying before we even left the house, so this should have been a clue as to how much he was going to enjoy himself. But we got down there, Ben drilled us a bunch of holes, the kids got lucky lures, and we set up camp, literally. Ben borrowed his buddy's huge portable ice shack and put the kid's camp chairs and a heater in there for them. The horn blew and it was time to start fishing. We were hoping for the first fish..........well that didn't happen.......we never caught any! haha! Oh well, what can you do? The kids didn't care, they were too busy eating cookies, skating around on the ice, killing our minnows and filling our holes with snow balls. Ahhh, the joy of kids! We all had a good time, well maybe not the Big Turnski. I think he's used to his daddy's heated ice shack where they actually catch fish! But they walked away with a new bobber and a coupon for a free cheeseburger at McDonalds and they were happy with that. Until next year.......

Scrap layouts of Benny & I

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sometimes I feel like I run out of titles for the pages I do of us. You know they are all the same, You & I, Me & You, Us, Together, you get the point. So I thoroughly enjoy this page. It's sooooo true! "I Love You More Than Yesterday, Yesterday You Really Got On My Nerves!" haha! I don't care what you say, if you are married, you know you've had those days! Some, more than others ;)

Again, with the music, I thought it was pretty clever. It was our "date night" and he took me ice fishing! Ice Ice Baby!!

I like using up my scraps and do it QUITE FREQUENTLY! Curling up the edges gave it a fun new twist.

I love this page, and I'll tell you why. I think that pages with only 1 picture on them, often look very clean and well put together, just my opinion. Not only that, but I'm slightly obsessed with circles, my brown ink pad, and new products. The day I did this page I had just bought those flowers and was super excited to use them. And an added bonus was that I got to use up those AWFUL brads and letters in a GOOD way!

YOU ARE MY......confidant, love of my life, my children's father, my man, my shoulder to cry on (poor guy), my life companion, my main squeeze, my benny hana, my "equal crazy", my other half.

I'm obsessed with picnik and have come to realize it can do more to your photos than just touch them gives them meaning for scrapping. You can print titles right on them or a fun quote:"Skipping rocks and leaving footprints down along the riverbank, always holding hands, never making plans, just living in the moment"
-Lady Antebellum

DISTRESS! It's by far my favorite technique.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Using song lyrics!

I love music, so if I can apply it to scrappin' I'm happy. When I looked at the pics of Tatumn in the alfalfa field, I instantly think of a free spirited girl. I chose Lady Antebellum's song American Honey because I love that song and I felt it fit. The picture of Ben and I is kind of humorous. I love country from the early 90's, most likely because that is what my parents listened to and it brings back tons of memories. So I chose Next to you, Next to me by Shenandoah. I picked these lyrics, "If the good Lord's willin' when we're old and gray, the kids are grown up and moved away, we'll be rockin' it side by side, with bbq chicken and the t.v. guide." I think that suits us well. I don't want much in life, just to be happy. And truthfully, I can see Ben & I sitting in matching recliners, still eating Randys and watching.......the history channel *yawn* haha! But he'll fall asleep, most likely by then at 6 p.m. and I'll stay up late and watch A&E, they better still have Hoarders, although, I may need to be on that show by then ;)

Pop Can Cake

January 26, 2011

Another dance mom told me about this the other day at dance. It's super easy, super delicious & super fun for the kids! All you do is take a microwave safe bowl and spray the inside with Pam. mix in a separate bowl, 1 can pop (any kind, I used diet coke) & a cake mix. Stir, pour into greased bowl and put in the microwave. Cook until cake starts pulling away from edges. Mine took about 15 minutes. You can frost it if you would like, but I put whipped cream on it. The other mom told me she serves hers with whipped cream and strawberries. How easy! And you don't need the eggs or oil! Less fattening! The kids thought it was really cool, although Turner wouldn't even try it. haha! Tatumn & I loved it. It's super moist, would be delicious with ice cream! Try it!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Way You Make Me Feel

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today the girls had their Arts Alive performance at Sunnyside. They danced to "The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson. They did wonderful, all those practices finally paid off. I was very proud of them! (I will be the first to admit, I was very, very, very nervous!) But they did GREAT! Now we wait and see if they get to perform at the Sheldon Theatre.

Last night I talked to Tatumn about her dance and what her favorite part was how she felt it went. She of course, said they did great, even if they had messed up, she would still think they did great! Nothing wrong with that, I guess! But she said, "Mom, Daddy said he crossed his fingers and his toes that we would do good, and we did!" So cute, he didn't get to see it since he had to work, but she was thinking about him! She also said, "Mom, I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed (as she has all her fingers in a tangled mess) that we make it to the Sheldon!" I wish I could still believe in the finger crossing method like she does. It's adorable!

Wish them luck! (although as a proud mom, I don't think they need it!!)

Monday, January 24, 2011


A few of my recent layout pages....


I get such a kick out of these pictures. Number 1. It looks like I pasted fake lips on them in picnik. But nope, those are their hand crafted pucker lips. After a lunch, they were bored so we started out making fake mustaches and ended up with big, red lips! They were smitten. We of course had to have a photo shoot with their new botoxed lips. So cute! I'm just so happy that scrap booking paper makes them as happy as it makes me ;)

Creative Favors

Tomorrow the girls, Tatumn along with 3 other little girls, will be dancing to Michael Jackson's, The Way You Make Me Feel, for the Sunnyside Arts Alive performance. They have been practicing and doing the best they can. As first graders & a kindergartner, they are doing a good job, but I will admit there are times when I cringe while watching. That's ok though, they are super cute no matter what they do onstage. And to let them know that they did a great job and I'm very proud of them, I made them each a little goody bag filled with candy and these little handy dandy notebooks. I used Twinkle Toes cartridge on my cricut and cut out the adorable little ballerinas and glued them onto 3x5 blank note cards, which I had punched 2 holes in and tied with fun ribbons. I decided instead of putting a dance quote on there, to write, Arts Alive 2011 as a little memento. I got a package of these pens in the party favor aisle at Target for like $3, split them up and put one with each notebook. Now they can color, doodle, write, whatever they wish in a cute little notebook with as many colors as they wish! Simple, cheap, fun.....just the way I like things!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yes, I'm a Sunday School Teacher

I don't know why this is so hard for some of my friends to believe, but yes I teach little ones, 4 year-olds in particular, about Jesus. It's fun, I did it last year and signed up again. It's really fun getting to know the kids and thoroughly enjoy being called "teacher". Ha! At the end of our bible story each Sunday, I ask some questions that relate to the story. This is by far one of my favorite parts of the day. I get such a kick out kids. You ask them, "Why did Noah build the ark?" and a hand goes up, "My Uncle has a boat!", another hand, "I have an Uncle!", another hand, "My Uncle has a dog!", yet another hand, "My dog's name is Rudy!", again, "I went to a pet store!"........this continues until each one has told me at least 3 personal facts, none of which have anything to do with Noah or his ark. But that is the fun of working with 4 year-olds! They are super cute and obviously have a lot to say!

Cute As A Button!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scrapping Saturday night with Tiff. I managed to get a few pages done while enjoying some Hallmark movies, that is until Ben called and needed a ride home and then made us watch Sarah Palin's new show, oh joy! Thought I would share a page.

Lunch Date

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Today, Ben went ice fishing with the guys, so the kids and I went out for lunch with Aunty Tiffy. She was having a craving for cheesecurds and chicken drummies so of course we went to Dressen's Saloon.

I've been eating at the Saloon since I can remember. I love the feel of being in a quaint little bar with genuine people. My kids love it too. Corndogs, cheesecurds and now even mac-n-cheese, heavens to betsy, who wouldn't love that? haha! They always ask lots of questions about the money on the ceiling, the buffalo on the wall and the pictures that adorn the wall. It's fun to have a little family history there as well.

That place is packed full of childhood memories of mine and I'm very happy it's still here so my kids can make some too!

Good Morning!

Friday, January 21, 2011

I Love Love Love my Fridays!! They are so relaxing. No where to go! I can do whatever I want! I just have to get through the morning! And that itself is a huge feat.

This morning school was two hours late. The kids were so excited. Tatumn even got ready all by herself, until it came to her hair and then we had a huge meltdown. I brought the kids to school because I didn't want them sitting at the bus stop in the freezing cold weather. And because of the fit over the hair, we barely made it on time. I know what I have to look forward to until someone can learn to use a curling iron herself ;)

Thank God It's Friday!!! Tomorrow, we can sleep in and we DON'T have to do our hair!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

gettin jiggy!

January 20th, 2011

Anyone who knows me knows that I love music and the most random music at that! I have an ipod that is a complete mess. You will be amazed at what you can find on there. A little of everything. I'm "open-minded", haha, well at least when it comes to music!

Anyhow, I'm also trying to shed some pounds, blah!!!! There is nothing that can get me moving like good music. I also read online the other day that to get motivated you should pick out a good song that you listen to right away in the morning to give you a burst of energy and get you going for the day.

Well, I went through my ipod, wanna know what I came up with for my playlist? Don't laugh! (I know you will steal some of these song ideas, even if you don't want to admit you like Mariah Carey!) Here it is:

Lady Gaga- Paper Gangsta
Lady Gaga- Bad Romance
Lady Gaga- Just Dance
Papa Roach- Last Resort
Miranda Lambert- Gunpowder & Lead
Lady Antebellum- Lookin' For A Good Time
Rehab- 1980
Ini Kamoze- Here Comes The Hotstepper
Alice Cooper- Poison
Flo Rida- Right Round
Pink- Raise Your Glass
Keyshia Cole- Let It Go
Janet Jackson- Escapade
Zac Brown Band- Toes
Zac Brown Band- Chicken Fried
New Kids On The Block- Step By Step
Tesla- Signs
Cher- If I Could Turn Back Time
Baby Bash & Akon- Baby I'm Back
Roxette- The Look
The Hit Crew- Benny and The Jets
Eric Church- Guys Like Me
Franz Ferdinand- No You Girls
Mary J. Blige & Drake- The One
Ziggy Marley- I Love You Too
Black Eyed Peas- I Gotta Feeling
Pink- F**ckin Perfect
Kaci Battaglia- Crazy Possesive
Christina Aguilera- WooHoo
Halestorm- I get off
Rihanna- Don't Stop The Music
Rihanna & Drake- What's My Name
Jessica Simpson- I think I'm In Love With You
Mariah Carey- Heartbreaker
Wiz Khalifa- Black and Yellow
Grenade- Bruno Mars
Akon- Smack That(Dirty)
Cobra Starship- Hot Mess
Ke$ha- We R Who We R
Ke$ha- Take It Off
Gwen Stefani- Hollaback Girl
Eminem & Nate Dogg- 'Till I Collapse
Nickelback- This Afternoon
Michael Jackson- The Way You Make Me Feel
Beastie Boys- Intergalactic
My Darkest Days- Porn Star Dancing
V.V. Brown- Shark In The Water
Dwight Yoakam- Guitars, Cadillacs
Vanilla Ice- Ice Ice Baby
T'Pau- Heart & Soul
Britney Spears- 3
Marty Stuart- Tempted
Tim McGraw- Where The Green Grass Grows
Patty Griffin- Time Will Do The Talking
Enrique Iglesias- I Like It
Salt-N-Pepa- Push It
Train- Hey, Soul Sister
La Roux- Bulletproof

Happy Listening!

dancing to a differant beat!

January 19, 2011

Tonight was dance night. Tatumn started dance when she was 3 years old and has been enjoying it since. She takes tap, ballet & jazz. She is always dancing around the house and forcing her friends and daycare kids into dance acts. She's very lucky that she has a good friend and her cousin in the same class as well. Makes it even more fun!

Tatumn has always been a shy, reserved kid who doesn't like attention drawn to her. I thank dance for her bursting that bubble. She has been in 3 recitals and is doing her 2nd Arts Alive Performance. I love watching her on stage, although I must admit I get sick to my stomach over Arts Alive. I hate to even watch! I guess I just get nervous for her, real nice, huh? ;)

On the other hand I could watch dance recitals all year long! I absolutely love them! It's so fun to see what their costumes are and to hear the song selections. This year my little lady is going to be a cowgirl! Yee-haw! She's pumped! Me too! I'm most excited to see my hubby dance along with her in his first and definitely not last, father-daughter dance! I'm so excited! I'll probably cry, even though it's not a sappy dance, it's just so cute!

Until June though, we need to practice, practice, practice. So Wednesday nights are strictly reserved for dance! So happy she loves going! Hoping she'll continue at least until she graduates highschool. I'm always amazed at the older girls and wish I could have one bit of coordination that they have, but even if I had 15 years of dance, pretty sure I'd still be a lost cause! ;)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two of my favorite things: Bargain Hunting & Scrapbooking

Nothing beats getting good deals on items you can't wait to use your creativity on! Here are a few fun things I found online that have inspired me. I've tried a few and found them to be extremely cute, unique and fun! Get crafty!

Ugly tray + a little paint + fun scrapbook paper = cute serving tray!

vase/pitcher/ceramic piece + scrapbook rub-ons = stylish decorative piece

knickknack shelf + scrapbook paper + embellishments + pictures = adorable wall art

frame + modpodge + scrapbook paper = personalized photo frame

mirror + scrapbook paper + modpodge = modern mirror

old canvas print + modpodge + scrapbook paper squares = mosaic artwork

basket + cardboard + ribbon = cute organized ribbon

game pieces + artwork from children's books + flash cards = fun scrapbook embellishments

Happy Hunting & Crafting!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Pink Drink

January 17, 2010

Snack time rolls around my house way too fast. I barely get lunch figured out and I feel like the kids are walking through the door and it's now snack time. Obviously that is not how it really is, it's just the fact that I've run out of ideas for meals and snacks that I've begun to dread meal time. I find myself tossing the kids a cosmic brownie or pack of gushers, knowing full well that it's neither healthy nor filling. So I've decided that our house needs a junk food over haul. Today I went to the store and stocked up on tons of nutritious snacks and meals.

Today when the kids got home from school I was prepared and had the stuff to make a healthy, fun snack! We made these fun drinks called Pink Drinks. Tatumn and I found them in her American Girl magazine. They were really simple to make, it was just a matter of having healthy ingredients on hand. We are excited to share the recipe, Enjoy!

Pink Drinks
1. To make the pink layer, measure 1 cup raspberry sherbet, 1/2 cup frozen strawberry slices, and 1/4 cup milk into a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into two glasses so that each glass is half full. Rinse the blender.

2. To make the white layer, combine 1 cup apple juice, 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt, and a banana in the blender. Blend until smooth. Pour on top of pink layer in each glass.

3. Put a spoonful or two of strawberry-flavored whipped topping on top of each drink. Add sprinkles and a straw to each!

(I substituted the apple juice with skim milk and the strawberry-flavored whipped topping with fat free whipped cream.)


Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Layout Organization"

January 16, 2010

I'm a bit obsessed with finding cute layouts to get me inspired to do my own scrapbook pages. I started out with a trillion magazines and realized that wasn't going to work when I wanted to go places, plus there were only so many in each magazine that I liked. So I started ripping out my favorite pages and putting them in sheet protectors in a 3 ring binder. However, one 3 ring binder turned into two 3 ring binders and I can only see myself accumulating more! Not only that, but I'm amazed by the talented scrappers online. My "favorites" gallery on is overflowing with layouts I only wish I had the time to do! What to do??? I printed off a select few to add to my binders, but it used up a ton of ink.

Today I decided to make a mini book after seeing a really cute little layout book a girl had at our last scrapbook get together. I started out by taking 4x6 card stock cards, distressing the edges and punching 3 holes on one side. Then I copied and pasted all my favorite layouts from online into Word and printed them off (4 to a page). Then I simply cut them out and taped one onto each card. My next goal is to type up the supplies I need for each page and tape that on the card as well, but I haven't got that far! Then I tied them all together with some fun ribbon.

I made a cute little cover. What I loved the most about this project is using up a bunch of scraps....the card stock, ribbon and stickers are all things I needed to use up!

Now I have 100's of inspirational ideas right at my fingertips and I no longer have to haul all those binders around! (I can even scan all my magazine layouts onto my computer and print them off to add to my book, but for now I have a great supply of layouts) Here's a look at MY SCRAPBOOK LAYOUT BOOK!