Thursday, September 23, 2010

The start of my blog!

I love, love, love finding great deals, making unique things, scrapbooking....basically anything that has to do with crafts and shopping...well cheap shopping because I have huge BUYERS REMORSE! I decided to start a blog where I could share my ideas and finds, hear other's ideas and basically have another creative outlet.

I search the web constantly for fun entertainment for my family that doesn't cost a ton of money. I love hosting parties and use my creativity to avoid large amounts of money coming out of my checkbook! My cricut has never been used so much in it's little lifespan since recently when I've been going nuts planning my kid's birthday parties.

I stop by our local thrift shops whenever I am feeling inspired, looking for things that I can redecorate, namebrand clothes for my kiddos (at this age, I can't bring myself to buy them at full retail price) and I love hunting down good books! Books are outrageous! It's so much fun when I can find great deals!

Yesterday I loaded up my 3 year old son, Turner, and we headed down to the salvation army to look for knick knack shelves I want to redo. No luck, but what I did find instead were the following 2 things:

First of all let me say that I love KLUTZ and chances are if your kids are crafty you have heard of it. They are amazing books filled with differant projects, wether it be paper dolls, science experiments, jewerly making.....tons of great things! Well my daughter is in love with them. Unfortunatly they cost a pretty penny. Ranging usually from $15-$20, I can't bring myself to buy them at that price, being that alot of it is a one time use kind of thing. However, I found this one, brand new yesterday at the Salvation Army for .75 cents!

My other find was for myself. My favorite author is Jodi Picoult and every once in awhile I do buy myself a brand new book, but most of the time my friends, family and I swap. Why wouldn't you? I have read or have most of her books but when I find the few I don't have or havn't read at thrift kinda feels like Christmas to me, haha! for another whopping .75 cents I found:

So instead of spending roughly $35, I spent $1.50. Love it. My advice when needing a good book....check out your local thrift store!